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Course 1 Description

This course is intended for students that have experience with Automation and Control Systems including control devices and PLCs. The student should also have some basic knowledge of RLL or control programming and be competent using a PC with Windows® 7. The following topics are covered:

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2500-TR-S1 Course 1: Basic System Architecture and Application Development

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Cancellation Policy

Note: Courses are billed 30 days before the confirmed class date.

  1. Class dates are subject to cancellation or rescheduling based on meeting a minimum number of registered participants.
  2. More than thirty (30) days prior to the class start date, you may cancel with no penalty.
  3. Thirty (30) days prior to the scheduled class date, we will either (a) confirm the class and bill your credit card or purchase order, or (b) notify you that the class has been rescheduled.  Once we confirm the class we will not cancel or reschedule it.
  4. Less than thirty (30) days prior to the scheduled class date you may cancel and receive a credit to be applied to another class. There is no refund against a PO or Credit Card Charge.

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